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November 21, 2012
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A Loyal Friend

Denmark x Reader

'Again?' You thought tiredly, sighing.

Opening the doors, you make your way inside a little bit then come to a halt. Your [e/c] orbs scan the bar in search of the reason you were called here. Well, it's not like you were busy or anything, but you didn't really want to be the one to do this task, seeing as though you had done it one too many times before, and a lot more times than usual as of late.

So, here you were.

Because you were a loyal friend.

And you cared.

'Stupid feelings,' you thought to yourself, still searching the dimly lit place. Things would be so much simpler for you if you didn't have to deal with these idiotic emotion things.

Your eyes stop scanning and they land on a figure slouch over the pub counter, sitting on a stool. Said figure was the only one there that looked like he was passed out, so you figured that's who you were looking for.

Sighing once more, you walk over to him and tap him lightly on the shoulder.

"Mathias..." You say just loud enough for him to supposedly hear.

All he gave you as a response was a low, throaty grunt, and did not move.

"Mathias, I got to drive you home, now."

"...Mm... No..." He stranded out his words, in the same tone as his previous grunt.

"Yes, Mathias, you're drunk, so you can't drive- you can't drive, you can't get home. Understand? Just come with me."

"No... Leave me here..." He mumbles out.

You start to shake his shoulder more strongly than before.

"Come on, Matt..."


You try your best to lift him off the bar stool, but to no avail- seeing as though he was damn tall and heavy, and you- not having the strongest of arm strength.

"Need any help?" You hear a voice call from the opposite side of the counter. You look up to see the bartender wiping clean a traditional beer glass, and looking at you worriedly.

"Yeah, that'd be great." You sweat-drop, looking back at him wearily.

The barkeep proceeds to walk around the counter to your side. He pats Mathias on the back before attempting to lift him.

"You get that left arm of his an' I'll get this one," he begins, "then we'll jus' drag 'em out to ya' car. That alright?"

You nod in response and you both pick him up with trouble. He and you dragged Mathias out to your car right in front of the building, in the parking lot. You didn't notice before, but it was getting dark outside. Was it really this late already?

"Alright, ma'am. Have a good night." He says before leaving you two and going back inside.

You open the passenger door and push him in. After strapping the seat belt on, you walk around to the driver's side and get in. Turning the car on, you start to drive.

"You could've just left me there, you know..." You hear from your side.

You turn your head in that direction and see Mathias leaning his head against the window, but you could see his eyes were half open, and he was clearly awake.

"I wasn't going to leave you there, Matt. What kind of friend would I be then?" You say matter-of-factly, turning your gaze back to the road.

"...Because you've driven me home a lot from the bar. Aren't you sick of it?" He asks, staring out the window.

"Of course I'm sick of it. You shouldn't be getting drunk like every other night, Matt- but like I said, what kind of friend would I be?"

"... I don't want you to drive me home anymore, [Name]. If Lukas doesn't do it and he calls you, just don't come..." He mutters, still refusing to look at you.

"Ugh, why not?" You query, getting a little frustrated.

"I don't..." He took a deep breath, "I don't want to interfere."

"Wha...What? Interfere in what?" What in the world was he going on about?

"Plus, it's not like I had a chance..."

"Matt, a chance for what?!" You ask. God, he didn't even answer your question. You guess you can't blame him, he is drunk, after all. But still.

"[Name], you have a boyfriend. It's good for you to be happy, and you are when you're with him. I..." he slurred a bit, "I've been going to the bar more often lately because... just to get life off my mind, you know? It's a bit depressing, isn't it? Loving someone and having them love another, not returning whatever feelings you hold for them."

Wow, he was usually chatty when he was drunk, and he was still slurring his speech, but most of what he was saying was comprehendible for going on this long. You haven't even seen him this serious sober.

"Beer has somethin' in it to help ya' forget, right?" He starts up again, "That's why I've been going there, [Name]. Go ahead and hate me, maybe it'll help us not to see each other. I mean, the feelings, they won't go away, but it's hard to see your face. As long as I know your happy, then I'm fine. I just want to stay out of that whole deal, because I think if I didn't, everything would go wrong. Don't you think?"

There was silence in the car for a good couple of minutes.

"Matt... you... like me?" You ask, cautiously.

"...Of course I like you, [Name]. You're... amazing. You're smart, talented, and not to mention beautiful. I just... I didn't... 'Kinda felt like a burden in your life. You dun' need me and I doubt you want me... You'd be better off."

You pulled into your drive way and stopped the car.

"Also, he and I broke up, Matt. Quite a while ago, actually. If I knew that was why you were knee high in beer, it would've been an earlier break-up." You say, not getting out of the car.

"Why? Does... Does that mean that you like me, too...?" He questions.

"...Lukas has told you that you're an idiot before, right?"


"Haha, sorry, sorry," you apologize, giggling the last part. "Yeah, I've, uhm... I've liked you for a long time actually." You say smiling.

"Now let's get you inside."
This... Didn't come out at all how I would've liked it to. :iconenglandwhatplz:
Anyways, this is a contest entry, as you can see by the title- for NordicsxReader-OC
[A/N: I'll edit it later. Plus, there's language- but not enough to put a filter on.]
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